Carl Craig

Carl Craig

Fri   Mar   22   2024 - 12:00 AM Mill & Mine

“Detroit’s electronic-music deity.” – NPR

Carl Craig is a multi-disciplined visionary whose eclectic tastes and influences all converge into his main discipline. The Detroit pioneer’s lifelong pursuit of independence and self-gratification is the catalyst behind three decades of innovation and achievement within the realm of electronic music. His standing within Motor City’s highly influential techno fraternity places him at the forefront of the global community, inspiring future generations of techno enthusiasts since he got started. As the mastermind behind Planet E Communications, Craig conceived and nurtured a platform that preserves his independence, while also providing a liberating space for a range of international artists. From the beginning, Craig and his label have consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity, in turn stimulating the growth and evolution of techno, ensuring its progressive ethos is at the center of his endeavors. A natural born fighter, Carl’s determination, innate gift for channeling emotion into his work and unwavering commitment to his freedom have established him as a master of his craft.

Knoxville, TN · USA



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