Thanks to our Friends of Big Ears!

We deeply appreciate the following individuals, who help to make the Big Ears Festival possible through generous contributions. This donor listing is current as of May 28, 2018. To learn more about supporting the festival with a gift, click here.

John Achee
Zac Alfson
Steve Bailey
Stephen Bain
Larry Birstock
Jenny Boyd
Scott Burland
Ashley Capps
Stephen Cohen
Anthony B. Creamer III
Ryan Dubois
Kathe Dunder
Jonathan Frey
Christy Frink
Leonard Gray
Frank Grubbs
Rosalind Hackett
Lynne Harty
Robert Jack
David Maddox
Bruce Malmer
Teresa Malmer
Ezekiel Melquist
Bryan Merrell
Joy O’Shell
Richard Paddock
Jessica Price
Richard Schoenberger
Paul Spanbauer
Heather and Logan Speirs
Carissa Stolting
Van Walker

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