Big Ears Presents: The Necks in Knoxville • 2.28.17

Consider it an especially invigorating warm up for this year’s Big Ears: The Necks — one of the great cult bands of Australia — will deliver a special performance on the Bijou Theatre on Tuesday, February 28! As most Big Ears fans know, The Necks defy description: “a magic act masquerading as a piano trio” and “ecstasy in slow motion” are two attempts, but The New York Times simply calls them “one of the greatest bands in the world” and we agree. The group conjures a chemistry together that offers an extraordinary live experience for audiences. They fondly refer to Knoxville as their “home away from home” and have described the Bijou Theatre as “an intimate room with great acoustics” in past interviews. After their remarkable set at last year’s festival, we are elated to welcome The Necks back to Knoxville for another unforgettable evening.

Knoxville, TN · USA



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