Faun Fables

Faun Fables

“[They] blend the best part of progressive rock, folk music and experimental theater with an undeniable mastery.” – North Coast Journal

Faun Fables frontwoman Dawn McCarthy is a renaissance lady who enjoys singing, theater, folklore, dancing, traveling, nature, and studies of the hearth & food history. Her performing background was forged in oral tradition amidst a large musical family in Spokane, Washington and continued with studies in music theater, rock bands, Action Theater, Polish theater, and ethnomusicology. Her life and focus took a pivotal turn in 1997 with a solo quest through the UK and Ireland and their bardic traditions; singing songs in clubs and homes which became the album Early Song, all the while undergoing a pastoral, psychological experience with the land creating the album Mother Twilight. Upon her return to the states, a fateful meeting with Oakland, CA, born-and-raised Nils Frykdahl moved McCarthy back West and together they began a long creative chapter in the thriving hills and art community of the San Francisco Bay Area. Now, after 25 years of collaboration and over two decades of touring, Faun Fables are known for exquisite, visceral adventures in song & theater and riveting live performances to eclectic and devoted audiences across the globe.

Knoxville, TN · USA



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