Hatis Noit

Hatis Noit

Sat   Mar   23   2024 - 2:30 PM St. John's Cathedral

“This is a voice you only need to hear once and you’ll never forget it.” – BBC

Hatis Noit is a Japanese vocal performer hailing from distant Shiretoko in Hokkaido, Japan. Noit’s accomplished range is astonishingly self-taught, inspired by everything she could find from Gagaku — Japanese classical music — and operatic styles to Bulgarian and Gregorian chanting to avant-garde and pop vocalists. It was at the age of sixteen, during a trek in Nepal to Buddha’s birthplace, that she realized singing was her calling. While staying at a women’s temple in Lumbini, one morning on a walk Noit heard someone singing. On further investigation it was a female monk singing Buddhist chants, alone. The sound moved her so intensely she was instantly aware of the visceral power of the human voice: a primal and instinctive instrument that connects us to the very essence of humanity, nature and our universe. March 2018 marked the worldwide release of her first enigmatic EP,  Illogical Dance. Her first full-length album for international release, Aura, was released on June 24, 2022 to much critical acclaim, with one of its highlights, “Inori”, having recently received a rework by the American avant-garde composer William Basinski.

Knoxville, TN · USA



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