Kassa Overall

Kassa Overall

Sat   Mar   23   2024 - 12:00 PM The Standard

“Raw, underground, and chaotic…one of modern jazz music’s most audacious futurists.” – Pitchfork

Kassa Overall is a Grammy-nominated musician, emcee, singer, producer, and drummer who melds avant-garde experimentation with hip hop production techniques to tilt the nexus of jazz and rap in unmapped directions. On his first two studio albums, Go Get Ice Cream and Listen to Jazz and I THINK I’M GOOD, Overall layered virtuosic drumming, meticulous production techniques, and incisive lyricism to establish himself as a rhythmic innovator and visionary poet, using his voice to address the injustices of the carceral system, the pharmaceutical industry, and anti-black racism, while wrangling with the perils of his own mental illness. His latest release, and first with Warp Records, ANIMALS, pushes his kaleidoscopic, subversive vision even further.

Knoxville, TN · USA



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