Robin Holcomb

Robin Holcomb

Sat   Mar   23   2024 - 6:45 PM St. John's Cathedral

“Holcomb’s poetry is expansive, her voice tart and sensuous, her piano playing spare, her vision of America as deep as anything you’ll encounter in popular music.” – The Press Enterprise

Many artists have mined the vast repertoire of early American music, but few with such originality, poetic vision, and utterly unique harmonic language as composer, pianist, and vocalist Robin Holcomb. Through her times sharecropping tobacco as a young woman, as an improvising pianist on New York’s downtown scene in the 80s, and three decades of creating an utterly idiosyncratic catalog of songs, Holcomb has created a singular canon as a composer. A string of records for Nonesuch are considered classics of American music for listeners of certain discernment, and her latest release is no different. One Way or Another, her two-volume set of recordings for solo piano and voice, was released in October 2022. Other current performing ensembles include a longstanding duo with cellist Peggy Lee, who will join Holcomb at Big Ears.

Knoxville, TN · USA



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