Secret Chiefs 3

Secret Chiefs 3

Thu   Mar   21   2024 - 8:45 PM Mill & Mine

“With Secret Chiefs 3, Spruance seemingly follows every musical idea he can think of down every rabbit hole imaginable.” – Westword

The brainchild of Trey Spruance, known for Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3 is an avant-garde band making use of Middle Eastern-flavored experimental music, soundscaping, death metal, and whatever else Spruance can think of. Along with Mr. Bungle bandmates Trevor Dunn on bass and Danny Heifetz on drums, the band released their debut album, First Grand Constitution and Bylaws, in 1996. Their subsequent recordings and tours have featured different lineups as Spruance continues to realize his musical vision. Some of the many musicians who have joined the band include Big Ears alums Shahzad Ismaily and Ches Smith. Each show is an audio-visual feast, and never the same. Their most recent release, HORRORTHON, is a curated playlist of their horror themed music, but “re-imagined, remastered and re-contextualized.” 

Knoxville, TN · USA



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