Full Film Schedule Announced

Curated by The Public Cinema

Visiting Artist Lewis Khlar
Avant-garde filmmaker Lewis Khlar will present a seven-film program of shorts, Drowsy with Ions: The City as Collage; acclaimed feature film Sixty Six (2015); and 10,000 Shards of Bliss, an installation of looped and rotating films that explore the vicissitudes of time and memory.

A Sense of Place: American Regional Cinema, 1960-1989
This 10-film retrospective will feature artists living outside of commercial film centers of Los Angeles and New York including George A. RomeroJohn WatersRichard Linklater, and Gus Van SantVictor Nunez’s A Flash of GreenTrent Harris’ The Beaver Trilogy, and Eagle Pennell’s The Whole Shootin’ Match will also be screened, in addition to John Waters Polyester with scratch-n-sniff cards.

Canyon Cinema at 50
We will present 36 short films in three programs totaling 4.5 hours, all curated by film programmer David Dinnell. The 16mm film programming will include: Studies in Natural Magic
(films by Saul Levine, Standish Lowder, Betzy Bromberg, and more), Decodings (films by Janie Geiser, Lawrence Jordan, Will Hindle, and more), and Associations (films by Mark Toscano, Sara Kathryn Arledge, John Smith, and more).

Stereo Visions: A Survey of 3D Cinema
This survey curated in collaboration with Blake Williams will encompass and demonstrate the full visual and affective capacities of 3D cinema — offering everything from Jean-Luc Godard andWerner Herzog to Johnny Knoxville (Jackass 3D), Ken Jacobs to Alfred Hitchcock, Lillian M. Schwartz to Jodie Mack, and beyond. Three shorts programs will include works by Paul Sharits, Takashi Makino, Norman McLaren, and many more. Blake Williams‘ acclaimed 3D feature Prototype will be the opening screening of the film festival.

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New Addition: Born in Bristol  The Untold Story of the Birth of Country Music
Everyone knows where rock ‘n’ roll, the blues, and jazz were born, but few know where country music got its start. In this hour-long film presented at the Knoxville Museum of Art, learn the story of country’s most historic event: The Bristol Sessions. Through cinematic reenactments, we’ll revisit those 12 days in 1927 when the “Big Bang” of country music was recorded. With interviews from Dolly Parton, Sheryl Crow, Vince Gill, and others, this documentary is guaranteed to be a treat.

Big Ears Festival film programming is made possible by support from Regal Entertainment GroupVisit KnoxvilleTennessee Department of Tourism, and the University of Tennessee School of Art.

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