Listen: Suzanne Ciani Reworks Joep Beving’s “432”

Joep Beving’s “432,” from last year’s Prehension, is a pensive piano piece, where moments of near-quiet rise into passages approaching tumult before subsiding again. During its second half, Beving picks up the pace, the notes suddenly arriving as unbroken thoughts before Beving lets it all fade into silence. On the new Conatus, electronics pioneer Suzanne Ciani frames the piano of “432” with washes of static, faint synthesizer, and ghostly exhalations, connecting those rests with musical gauze. Then, she truly boosts the end, doubling Beving’s escalation with prismatic keyboards that poise the tune for liftoff. Listen to the remix, and check out the original piece here.

Knoxville, TN · USA



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