Rhiannon Giddens Named One of the “25 Most Influential Women Musicians of the 21st Century”

Wow: NPR has named Rhiannon Giddens one of the “25 Most Influential Women Musicians of the 21st Century” in its remarkable Turning the Tables project. For the last few months, they’ve rolled out a series of compelling essays about the honorees, and the case for Giddens, presented by the great banjo player and singer Kaia Kater, is as personal as it is remarkable.  “In our millennial time of renewed Klan marches, of failed climate accords, of income inequality and blood quantum laws, the idea of working together seems laughable,” she writes. “Yet in her quiet, prolonged studies, Giddens has developed the ethos of a new reconstruction based in truth-telling through story.” Give it a read. At Big Ears 2019, Giddens presents the second performance of her righteous first ballet and a duo set with new collaborator Francesco Turrisi.


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Knoxville, TN · USA



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