WATCH: Tatsuya Nakatani Live Silo Session

Born in Osaka and based now in New Mexico, Tatsuya Nakatani is more than a drummer or a percussionist. He is the embodiment of the idea of “live composer,” using an armada of drums, gongs, and bells to make arching suites of radiant sound in front of an audience. His music can roar like the most massive washes of Sunn O))) and whisper like a delicate violinist. He swings between order and chaos, harmony and dissonance. This set in a Buffalo silo is powerful, transfixing, and emotional, as Nakatani uses nearly every square centimeter of his instrument to coax out new phenomena. See him live for free at Big Ears 2019 as part of our annual programming at The Pilot Light.


Knoxville, TN · USA



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